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Viel Spaß beim Klavierspielen.

Affordable English Tutor.

Book Manuscript Editor.



Melden Sie sich !

Liv Hunziker

Wochenstunden für Jugendliche oder Erwachsene,

700 Francs pro 16 Unterrichtsstunden.

ESL Tutor

Privat Englisch Unterricht:

Möchten Sie Ihre Englischkenntnisse verbessern zu einem günstigen Preis?

Konversationsstunden, Unterstützung in schriftlichem Ausdruck für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Melden Sie sich !

Liv Hunziker

Einzel- und Doppelstunden möglich. 25 CHF pro Stunde. Die erste Lektion beträgt 15 CHF pro Stunde.

Manuscript Editor

.... About your writing

You want someone to take a good look at the flow of your words. As a book coach or an article coach, I will walk alongside your personal vision for the document. Together we'll help it take excellent shape. After our revisions, I can recommend printing presses for self-publishing options. If you are looking for a Formatting Editor or a Publisher, I can pass you along into the right hands for those final steps. The ultimate goal is to connect your words with readers who want to learn from you.

If you are a student, we will keep the editing service ethical. I will not be able to re-write your thoughts or your fundamental structure. For class papers I would assist with grammar, semantics, and sentence structure. I am thrilled to discuss the paper via phone conversation to help with more core adjustments and enhancements!

..... about costs

Contact me to inquire about hourly rates or sliding scale options.

I'll ask to briefly view your manuscript

so that I can give you a time and cost estimate.

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