..... About my little world

Barn work, hiking, learning and jogging are great passions of mine. I love my husband and children and try to savor the gift of each "moment."

I am thankful for life.

Professionally speaking,

I am currently a part-time freelance English tutor, freelance writer, piano teacher, and freelance editor residing in the Bern-Deutsch corner of Switzerland. I have really enjoyed working with the book production process, including the new market of e-books, and would like to help you bring your book from a sketched or chaotic manuscript all the way to its excellent, printed end.

.... About experience

As a book editor, Chicago Manual of Style is my primary standard. For college papers or graduate school papers, I would be abiding by the MLA and APA guidelines.

I graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Writing. My poems and essays have been published in The Standard magazine, Korean Quarterly, The Daily Planet and Real magazine.

Writing and editing for me have been (and always will be) seasonal and project-based.

 . . . as a Pianist

. . . received 13 years of private piano instruction; equipped to teach students in

introductory or intermediate level piano.

. . . as English Tutor,

I have enjoyed nearly two decades offering one-on-one private English conversation and English grammer instruction to adults from around the globe.